Standard SSL Certificate

Show visitors you’re trustworthy and authentic.

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Standard SSL Plans

Secure your data and boost your Google rank

1 Website

$104.99 /Per Year

Verifies your domain control & secures your website.

Protect 1 site

  • Domain validated
  • SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption
  • Boost SEO rankings
  • Fast issuance in 5min
  • Display HTTPS & padlock
  • Security trust seal
  • Support unlimited servers
  • FREE unlimited reissues
  • $100,000 USD warranty


Price excludes applicable taxes and fees.

5 Websites

$189.99 /Per Year

Protect multiple websites & secure your all your sites.

Protect 5 sites

  • Domain validated
  • SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption
  • Boost SEO rankings
  • Fast issuance in 5min
  • Display HTTPS & padlock
  • Security trust seal
  • Support unlimited servers
  • FREE unlimited reissues
  • $100,000 USD warranty


Price excludes applicable taxes and fees.

Wild Card

$489.99 /Per Year

Verifies domain, protects & secures all subdomains.

Protect unlimited sub-domains

  • Domain validated
  • SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption
  • Boost SEO rankings
  • Fast issuance in 5min
  • Display HTTPS & padlock
  • Security trust seal
  • Support unlimited servers
  • FREE unlimited reissues
  • $100,000 USD warranty


Price excludes applicable taxes and fees.

All plans include as standard

Strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption.

Secure padlock in browser.

Unlimited servers and reissues.

Compatibility with all major browsers and mobile devices.

Secure site trust-mark to increase customer confidence.

Easy-to-access resources: FREE SSL Checker.

How SSL certificates work.

An SSL certificate creates a secure digital tunnel that blocks hackers and thieves from seeing usernames, passwords, credit cards numbers and other valuable data.


First, the SSL agreement.

When a visitor enters an SSL-protected website, your SSL certificate automatically creates a secure, encrypted connection with their browser. Your site is most secure when SSL is deployed on all pages and subdomains.

The Green padlock icon appears.

Once the connection is complete, a padlock icon and https prefix appear in the visitor’s browser bar to show visitors to your website they’re safe to browse, shop, email you, subscribe to your mailing list, etc. And if there was a Not Secure tag before, poof now it’s gone. If you install an Extended Validation (EV) SSL, the browser display your company name to prove you’re the legit business you are.


Now you’re good to go.

All information passing to and from your website is now encrypted, making your sensitive data virtually unhackable.

More reasons to get a Naissus SSL certificate.

Securing your site is just like locking your doors at night. You don’t do it because you expect something bad to happen – you do it because if something did happen, it would be devastating.

  • Stronger brand identity.

    Our premium certificates help increase user confidence by showing you’ve secured your true identity online after being validated by an industry-recognized Certificate Authority. So, your SSL certificate indicates to customers that your organization is committed to protecting their data and online experience.

  • Compliance with regulation standards.

    An SSL certificate provides the strongest protection for online businesses, including standards and regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR and more.

  • “Not Secure.” Not good.

    When visitors type a URL or follow a link to a secure website that doesn’t have an SSL, that site is immediately flagged as “Not Secure.” And that scares potential customers away. But when you have a Naissus SSL certificate, any potential “Not Secure” warning goes away – for as long as you have the SSL certificate. And that’s a good thing.

  • Customers will trust you.

    And that’s important because trust is the cornerstone of SSL protocol – indicative of strict validation guidelines. Our SSL certificates feature the world’s best encryption to protect sensitive data.

  • Increased SEO ranking.

    Search engines heavily favor https-encrypted websites and will push them higher in search results. That vastly increases the likelihood customers will find you.

  • Safe mobile and online payment systems.

    Give customers the payment options they prefer – and keep them shopping through checkout. To do that safely and securely you’ll need an SSL certificate, the industry standard for end-to-end encryption protocol to thwart hackers from getting to your sensitive data.

Our other types of website security.

Website Security

Keep your site malware-free

Starting at

$9.99 / Per Month

Website Backup

Keep a backup copy of your website and data.

Starting at

$5.99 /Per Month

Premium SSL Certificates

Just as it says – we’ll manage it for you.

Starting at

$249.99 /Per Year


How do I install my SSL Certificate ?

When your SSL certificate is issued, we send an email to let you know. What happens next depends on where your site is hosted and the options you chose when you bought the certificate. If you chose web hosting, Website Builder or Online Store will take care of everything for you. If you host your website with another company or use our VPS or Dedicated Servers.

What is an SSL Certificate ?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It might sound complex, but it’s really not. SSL Certificates validate your website’s identity, and encrypt the information visitors send to, or receive from, your site. This keeps thieves from spying on any exchange between you and your shoppers.
When you have an SSL Certificate protecting your website, your customers can rest assured that the information they enter on any secured page is private and can’t be viewed by cyber crooks. Eazyweb makes it easy to install your certificate and secure your server.

What are the benefits of having an SSL Certificate on my website ?

Naissus SSL Certificates inspire trust and show visitors that you value their privacy. An SSL Cert protects your customers’ sensitive information such as their name, address, password, or credit card number by encrypting the data during transmission from their computer to your web server. SSL is the standard for web security, and a Server Certificate is required by most merchant account services – you’ll need one if you plan to accept credit cards on your website.

How will people know my website is safe ?

How you build your website is entirely up to you. In fact, most basic secure websites can be hand-coded using HTML. When a visitor enters an SSL-protected page on your website, their browser bar displays a padlock icon and the https:// prefix in the URL address. While most Internet users know to look for those SSL indicators, you can also add a site seal to your website to show visitors your site is verified and secured. Visitors can click the seal to view your certificate’s status and details, seeing for themselves that it’s safe to send sensitive information to your website. Websites protected by Naissus Premium EV SSL display a green browser bar as well, giving users the green light.

What is the difference between Standard SSL and Premium SSL ?

All SSL-protected sites display the https:// prefix in the URL address bar. Sites protected with a Premium EV SSL Certificate display a green browser bar to quickly assure visitors that the organization’s legal and physical existence was verified according to strict industry standards.
Naissus Premium EV SSL Certificate involves the most extensive vetting process. We verify the control of the domain and legitimacy of your company by validating the legal name, address, phone number and other business information. The process takes about 30 days, but we’ve got you covered during that time. EV SSL Certs come with a free Standard SSL to use during the vetting process, so you can keep your transactions secure while you wait.

How long will I have to wait for my SSL certificate ?

Standard SSLs (DV) usually take 5 minutes or less. Deluxe SSLs (OV) take 3-5 business days, as we’re validating not just domain ownership but also the existence of the organization or business on the SSL application. In both cases, you can shorten your wait by making sure the domain contact information listed in the WhoIs is up-to-date.

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