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So you need a server?

What is a Server and why do I need it?

Let’s start with the basics.

At its core, a server is a computer that’s connected to a network. You can then use that server to deliver — or “serve” — files out to multiple people simultaneously. Although you can use servers for lots of things, the most common application is to deliver web pages.

Now one step further.

This is exactly what it sounds like – a single-tenant virtual machine that’s dedicated to you and you alone – which makes it the ultra-modern single family home in our analogy. only high-traffic, resource-intensive websites really need it.

Pro Hosting

From low-cost to high-tech, we’ve got you covered.

Our solutions are built for speed, reliability and security. From blazing-fast dedicated servers to
basic web hosting to you’ll find it all right here.

Virtual Private Server VPS

Starting at $11.95 /mo

Not everyone has a dedicated IT professional at their beck and call. And even if you do, the power of a dedicated server might be more than you need. With a VPS (Virtual Private Server), you get a secure and powerful hosting solution built for handling multiple sites and resource-heavy apps. Plus, you can even provision a virtual machine across any continent. If we return to our housing analogy, in this case you’re in a townhouse. You’re now sharing your space with a few other people, but you still have a lot of resources at your disposal.
And that’s not all. Every one of our plans include backups, monitoring, patching and security, so you can be confident that your server will run smoothly. Plus, once you buy a plan you can be ready to go in minutes, not days. That’s a benefit you won’t find everywhere else.

Who it’s for: Technically sophisticated developers

Use cases: Multiple sites, web or database servers, resource heavy apps, email servers.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Starting at $267.07 /mo

Going back to our housing analogy, a Dedicated Server is like a private house for your website. This is your hardware, essentially. You’re the only person who uses it, and only your website lives there. And because it’s yours, you can set it up and manage it however you like.
Now if you’re a pro, then you probably know this is what you want. But if you’re new to the server world, you’ll want to get an IT professional to manage it for you. They can set you up in a Linux or Windows environment (your preference) and do everything else you need to deliver your website(s) quickly and effectively.


Who it’s for: Technically sophisticated developers or growing businesses who have developers to manage servers

Use cases: Resource intensive apps with complex databases, CRM, ERP or business apps

Business Hosting

Starting at $38.99 /mo

When it comes to Business Hosting, you’re dealing with a winning combination. You don’t have to be technically minded, because it comes with a super simple control panel, making it substantially easier to learn than more complex options.
Sounds great, right? It gets better. You also have all of the power and performance of a VPS system. That means you don’t need to learn Linux or command-line programming. Instead, it’s all about ease of use with an incredible amount of power.

Who it’s for: Growing businesses who don’t want to deal with technical complexity

Use cases: Multiple sites, E-commerce, High-traffic, Resource-heavy sites

See? It wasn’t that hard at all.

Just like that, you’ve learned a ton about servers. It’s not that difficult to figure out once you get the hang of things. Now you just need to determine which one is the best for you.

Business Hosting

Convenient and powerful

Optimized for Business, this is perfect with easy-to-use cPanel platform, with dedicated resources and power.

Starting at


$38.99 /Per Month

Virtual Private Server

Budget-friendly VPS hosting

Perfect for those who want an affordable solution that’s also fast, secure and reliable. Backed by expert 24/7 support.

Starting at


$40.98 /Per Month

Dedicated Server

Made for speed and simplicity

Built and optimized for Resource intensive apps with complex databases, CRM, ERP or business apps.

Starting at


$267.07 /Per Month