Naissus Domain Backorders

Getting your ideal domain
doesn’t have to be just
a dream.

If someone else owns it but you want it.
We’ll make that happen.

It’s the best of both worlds. If the name you want is already registered, you can still own it!
Secure your chance to snag up a domain* the instant it becomes available.

The domain you’ve always wanted can still be yours – even if it’s taken.

Domain Broker Service, your domain broker will negotiate with the current owner to get the name for you.

  • Better network. As the world leader in domains, no one is better at finding out who owns a domain and how to reach them.

  • We protect your privacy. You’ll stay anonymous throughout the process.

  • Our name gets attention. Domain owners are more likely to engage with a request from Naissus AU than from individual buyers.

  • The domain owner won’t know your identity.

What is domain backorder, anyway ?

Domain backorders is a service that helps you attempt to acquire a domain name when it becomes available for registration. It includes a Domain Monitoring membership and one year of domain name registration.

Placing a backorder does not guarantee that you will acquire the domain name. The current registrant might renew the domain name, or we might be unsuccessful in our attempt to register it for you.

You’ve got plenty of options.

Whether you won or lost that dream domain, there’s still a ton of opportunity ahead of you.

Let us show you the world of domain investing.

That’s right, domain investing is a thing. Purchase domains for standard rates, then resell them for profit on our Domain Auction site. It could make you a little (or a lot of) extra cash, and that’s never a bad thing.

Money for nothing and your checks for free.

When you backorder a domain name at Naissus, we give you more than just an opportunity to secure your dream domain name, we give you tools to succeed online. Every backorder includes free Domain Monitoring, a one-year membership to Naissus Auctions®, one year of domain name registration, and proceeds toward your first bid if the domain name you backordered goes to auction.

If the name you want is already registered,
you can still own it!
Sit back and let us close the deal.

  • * Includes the cost of registering the domain name and ICANN Fee.
  • * If you don’t get it, you don’t lose — just re-assign to another name.
  • * Includes .COM, .CO, .INFO, .ORG, .NET, .ME, .MOBI, .US or .BIZ.

$30.18 Per Year

How it works

Choose your name

You enter the domain you want in the search box on this page and add Domain Broker Service to your cart. We’ll send you an email asking for your budget range.

Let us know your budget

Once we know what you’re willing to pay for the domain, your domain broker will reach out to the current owner to see if he or she is interested in selling.

Sit back and we'll close the deal

If the current owner’s willing to sell, your broker will negotiate on your behalf, with the goal of getting you the name for the lowest possible price.


What is domain backordering ?

Placing a domain backorder is essentially like putting a reservation on a domain name registered to someone else. If that domain name expires, you get a chance to register it before it’s available to the public.

Are domain backorders guaranteed ?


The Domain Backorders service does not guarantee you will acquire a domain name. When you place a backorder, we attempt to acquire the domain name for you when it becomes available for registration. Each backorder comes with Domain Monitoring, a useful service that lets you track the domain name. It keeps you in the loop on that domain name’s expiration date and any changes to its status.

How often will I receive Domain Monitoring notifications ?

Naissus Domain Monitoring notifies you via email whenever the status of a domain name that you are monitoring changes. By default, the administrative contact receives all Domain Monitoring notifications, but you can set up two additional contacts to receive them.

How can I cancel Domain Backorders and Monitoring ?

If you no longer want to monitor or backorder a domain name, you can cancel your Domain Backorders and Monitoring service through the Domain Manager in your Naissus account.